Why to Focused on Medicinal Chemistry? The diseases have remained the main sources of death all-inclusive over the most recent 15 years. According to WHO around 7 million people die every year from different types of diseases. Nearly 56.9 million deaths occurred in 2016, from this 54% of deaths were occurred due to different types of diseases. The rate of deaths per year is increasing every year.
Medicinal chemistry is cantered around Synthetic organic chemistry, and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and different other organic fortes, where they are associated with medication plan, synthetic combination and improvement of medications. In 2019 the total number of drugs are 11926, among them, Number of Small Molecule Drugs were 10256, Number of Biotech Drugs were 1670, Number of Approved Drugs were 3732, Number of Approved Small Molecule Drugs was 2538, Number of Nutraceutical Drugs were 129, Number of Experimental Drugs were 5766. Every year a couple of drugs were invented and licensed.
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